Looking for accommodations that don’t pummel your wallet? Hotels can easily account for 50% of our travel expenses. If your travel budget has limitations, hostels will give your adventures a stimulus.  Hostels are often associated with 20 year old backpackers roaming the world. Hostels have matured. Now those of us in our 50’s, 60’s, 70’s can enjoy the benefits of hostels.
Hostels can be located for domestic and international travel. Wherever your travels take you, contact Hostelling International to access 4,000 hostels in over 80 countries. Or, do an internet search for hostels in your travel area.

You and your travel partner are craving a visit to Boston; but, at a minimum cost of $150.00/night room expense, the trip is out of the question.  Wait! There is an affordable way to stay in Downtown Boston only a few steps from Fenway Park, the Museum of Fine Art, Newbury shopping, nightclubs and dining options. All this for $34.99 in a Standard Mixed Dorm.     Group sleeping accommodations not your cup of tea? You can have a Private Room with an ensuite bath for $99.99. How  can you resist this?

The map below shows your location choices with Hostelling International. See that logo way down there on the left corner of the map? That’s Hawaii. There are two hostels, one on Honolulu and the other on Waikiki.

Hostelling International locations

Cost?  $20.00 and $25.00 respectively.  Is your heart doing flips?  Go to Hostelling International’s website, put in your travel dates to find availability.

Screen Shot of an inquiry for Hawaii

If hotel costs are raining on your travel plans, try a hostel to get that sunshine back in your travel itinerary. You’ll never know if you don’t try it!