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Xinjiang: China’s Autonomous Region

Just how adventurous are you? If your bucket list needs replenishing, a visit to Xinjiang Uygur (China’s Autonomous Region) will give you a whole new perspective on our world. A journey to Xinjiang will bestow upon you the title of…

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Michigan, Newberry

Michigan: Oswald Bear Ranch

While enjoying the beautiful forests and cool of summer in  Newberry, Michigan, we found The Logging Museum at the edge of town is worth a stop. With various kinds of saws and equipment of historical logging, the small museum and…

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Patagonia: The bottom of the world

No TVs.  No internet.  No cell reception. If you truly want to connect, you must first disconnect. And for that, there is no place like THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD.  It is here, like nowhere else,  that you can connect…

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Newberry, Michigan: Upper Peninsula

About an hour north of Newberry, MI, is the most fascinating Shipwreck Museum and Lighthouse we have ever seen. It is located at Whitefish Point, one of the most dangerous places in Lake Superior. Over the years 30,000 people have…

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Egypt, Esna

Esna, Egypt: Temple of Khnum

In ancient times, Esna was known as Latopolis, after the perch that swam in the Nile. Today it is a quiet farming town with an exciting street market filled with fabric and traditional clothing. Temple of Khnum: Temple of Khnum,…

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Egypt, Qena

Qena, Egypt: Dendara Temple

Qena, located 39 miles (62 km) north of Luxor, has a population of 1.3 million people. Sugarcane and bananas are the main agriculture product. They produce aluminum. Qena is best known as the the gateway to some of the best…

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Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

Modern Cairo, known as the Mother of the World, is a city of 19 million people and 2.5 million cars. In the 900’s, Cairo, originally known as Fustat, was a key location in the spice trade.  Many peoples and cultures…

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Brazil, Sao Paulo

Street Art of Sao Paulo

Street Art of South America is famous for its beauty and, often, political statements or social  movements. From Valpo (Valparaiso, Chile) to Colombia to Brazil, street art turns grey concrete into vibrant color and comment. What could be more fun…

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Amazon River

The Mighty Amazon River

If you think travel is all fun and games. You’ve only been as far as the corner Stop N Go. Anonymous Traveling on the Mighty Amazon, a river that is 4,000+miles (6,516 km) long, spans the South American continent-east to…

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