Autumn Sashimi Plate

Ultimate Sushi: An Aficionado’s Quest

Shortly after I hired Phil, the man-who-would-become-my-husband, the first sushi restaurant in New York opened across the street from our office. He became entranced by the slices of fish glistening like jewels and it’s been his favorite food ever since….

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Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 7.12.46 AM

Vanishing Calligraphy in Xi’An

During a trip to Xi’An, China, each day I visited a park inside the city walls. Each day Pang Zong Shi was there with his broom-stick style brush and bucket of water. He would write his philosophy on the cement…

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Food Peddler

Food Travel Adventures: Xi’an, China

My world is a very large one – a delicious, delectable, luscious view of life in many countries. After forty plus years of working as a flight attendant and over fifty years of traveling, I have learned much about the…

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dance 2

Xi’an Culture: Dance (1st of a 4 part series)

Over the past forty years, Xi’an and the terracotta warriors have become synonymous. The warriors, discovered in 1974, are approximately an hour’s drive from the Xi’an airport. Many travelers fly into Xi’an’s new airport, hire a cab service, visit the…

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Asia, India

India's Spiritual Mecca: Varanasi

Flag of  India Real Travel Adventures ©2011 by Bill and Bonnie Neely After spending time touring the ancient Hindu temples in the Khajuraho, the Panna National Park, and the countryside around the Khajuraho area, we boarded an Air India flight…

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