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Europe, Paris

Love Locks Coming Down

The Pont des Arts (Lovers Bridge), located in Paris, France, is collapsing under the weight of the padlocks attached to the bridge. Lovers from around the world have professed their love on this pedestrian only bridge which spans the River…

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France, Paris

Je Suis Charlie

FAB Senior Travel is not an Op Ed website. Our mission is to present great travel places. However, the killings in Paris demand a response. As many of you know, I lived in Paris. Paris was the birth place of…

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American Friend

A Day in Champagne

Reims is just a 45-minute train from Paris. Go in the morning, drink lots of champagne and be home in time for dinner or stay overnight and continue to imbibe bubbles. To paraphrase Charles De Gaulle: There are 200 producers…

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Europe, France

A Taste of Paris

Good Morning, Gad Abouts.  Got that cup of coffee? Great!  Remember…every Sunday is a new post on Gad About Gals. This is Movie Sunday.  It’s too early for popcorn, but a hot bagel with cream cheese will subsitute beautifully. While…

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