Notice the purple peppers where the young lady is making her selection. I've never seen a purple pepper before. Click on the photo to make it larger.

Vega Central de Santiago

Vega Central de Santiago has been an integral part of the Santiago community since 1895 with the construction of warehouses on the present site. Actually, this area has been a hub of buying and selling of agricultural products since the…

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Chileans Protest

The day began like a normal adventurous day in Chile. But, as I crossed Hwy. 5 (the main artery of the entire country of Chile), I noticed traffic was at a stand-still. Carabineros (police) were everywhere forcing cars away from…

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Chile, Santiago

Chilean Street Entertainers

Talented Chileans bring their talent to the streets and parks for mere pocket change. Sitting in a traffic jam in Chile has its bright side. The light turns red and a juggler appears before a line of cars to show-off…

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