Luggage: Oversized luggage should be the exception rather than the rule. Mix and match outfits, one pair of shoes and what was once labeled “over-night luggage” works best.  Out with the “what if’s”. Include only the “must have’s”. Instead of paying those exorbitant charges for extra luggage, you’re down to one carry-on.  Not fun?  Of course, it isn’t. But, you have gained manageability over your luggage and more money in your wallet.

Food: That “free” bad airplane food has all but disappeared. Now, you can purchase that bad food. Why would you buy bad, expensive airplane food?  No way!  Instead…plan ahead.  So far TSA does not prohibit carry-on food, only liquids. Before you leave home, slice an apple, a few chunks of cheese, nuts and a sandwich. Avoid using excessive mayo since, by the time you eat it, the bread will be soggy. Mustard is a better choice. The drink cart still passes down the aisle so water, soft drinks and juices are still an option.  Your seatmate will be jealous of your delightful meal. You will be the winner on all fronts since you’ve satisfied your hunger with healthy and tasty food.

TSA  (Transportation Security Administration) For me TSA is the wild card. The TSA has never mistreated me personally, although I’ve read and heard horror stories from others. My problem is the uncertainty.  The amount of clothing I must shuck to get through the scanner varies from airport to airport as does the sensitivity of the scanners themselves. All that aside, I think what perplexes me the most is the time.  My last wait time to complete the journey through security was 1 hour 17 minutes, almost missing my plane. We need Fritz Lang to do a new version of Metropolis using TSA. Guys, No! That’s a joke. Please don’t put me on your list!

Just stick those ear-buds in, do some people watching as you tap your foot to good music.

As Gene Autry would say…Happy Trails!