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In 2006, I ran away to Paris to live, study and (mostly) play. A Parisian couple lived one floor below the five-story walk-up. One day the three of us were sitting at a corner café imbibing in a Ker and watching the tourists.

Bernard turned to me and said: “If my French were better, I would write a real guide to Paris!”

 “Voila!” I replied. The Suzy Books and Guides were born.

Bernard and I stumbled. We made poor choices. We had failures and successes. After seven months, we created the first Suzy Guide. Four guides (Paris, Beijing, NYC and London) later, the Suzy Team’s motto is to find new ways to make travel easy.

In 2009, we began Fab Placez, a Suzy spin-off, our focus is the 50+ traveler. Use our Weekend Escapes to find and plan your next get-away. Travel tools include short videos, suggested agendas and maps.

Please share your travel story with Fab Placez. Just send us an email and we’ll help you share your story with other travelers.

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