Red River for all Seasons

Mining established Red River in 1870, but tourism is what has kept it going. The area has something special...

Sicily, Italy: What’s Not on the Itinerary is as Important as What Is

It happens all the time with Overseas Adventure Travel. I start out expecting to write about the trip itself...

Kauai: Unlike Most Travel Promotions, the Garden Isle's Hype Actually Deserves a Truth-in-Advertising Award

Remember when Maui was considered the undeveloped island of Hawaii, in the days before hordes of tourists — and...

Epcot: Be a Kid Again

Epcot is for young and old. There is nothing like having permission to be a kid again. Recently, Bruce...

Canyonlands: Moab, UT

Stewart L. Udall, Secretary of the Interior, September 12, 1964: “…this area has been reserved as a National Park...
Red River for all Seasons
Sicily, Italy: What’s Not on the Itinerary is as Important as What Is
Hawaii, Kauai
Kauai: Unlike Most Travel Promotions, the Garden Isle's Hype Actually Deserves a Truth-in-Advertising Award
Florida, Orlando
Epcot: Be a Kid Again
Moab, Utah
Canyonlands: Moab, UT


Welcome to FAB Senior Travel. FAB Senior Travel targets fun adventures for Fifty And Beyond (FAB) travelers. Boomers have the time and money to explore this magnificent world. We’re your “great idea” website. We encourage your comments. Please tell others about FAB Senior Travel.

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Weinkase, which means, Wine Cheese. The name is German, but the cheese is actually Italian.

European Cheese Quiz

The delayed flight from Frankfurt into Budapest was excruciating. Long lines and bad food. To pass the time, I turned to a friend and said: “Name the country and I’ll tell you a favorite cheese.” He replied: “Too easy. Tell…

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Traffic galore in Gatlinburg

Amazing Gatlinburg, Tennessee

When Bonnie was a child, her family drove from South Carolina every autumn to Gatlinburg, their favorite place to stay in a mountain cabin, see the crimson and gold leaves, and enjoy the fresh cool mountain air. Back then Gatlinburg…

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Wertheim Castle. Only the shell exists.

Charming Wertheim

The town with the least population (23,400) on our Viking River Cruise, but the town with the most charm, Wertheim. The confluence of the rivers Tauber and Main play a significant role in the lives of the residence. Severe flooding…

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Wurzburg Residenz

Wurzburg Residenz was the former residence of the Wurzburg prince-bishops. In the 18th century, the significance of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations was beginning to wain. Constructing an impressive residence was a powerful political tool. The idea…

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Statue at City Gate in Bamberg.

The Rome of Germany: Bamberg

Bamberg is often called the Rome of Germany because of its seven hills that rise above the Regnitz River Valley. There is a church on each hill. Once the seat of a prince-bishop, the city’s prominence was secured.   Bamberg…

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Church of Our Lady's Church sits on the site of the Jewish Synagogue.

Trials and Tribulations of Nuremberg

There’s more to Nuremberg than Nazi Party rallies and Nuremberg Trials where 22 soldiers under Hitler’s command were placed on trial. Nuremberg was heavily bombed during WWII. Since then, much of the damage has been reconstructed as close to the…

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My plate of Sausage from Historische Wurstkuche.
Germany, Regensburg

Walk-About in Regensburg, Germany

Not just a pretty face, Regensburg has electronic and manufacturing industries to support its 150,000 inhabitants. Toshiba, BMW and Siemens have factories here.  Also, a strong university contingency is here with a student population of 30,000. The bustling city center…

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